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There's a Denny's just down the street from me. I go there often because it's close, good food, and I've never had a bad experience there. (I usually have fun because a lot of crazy people go there and do crazy things...but the service has always been great.)

I get there tonight with my friend and they tell us to seat ourselves. The waitress who tells me to do this knows me...and I have no problem doing it. Me and my friend sit down in smoking (although I had left my cigarettes on the roof at work >_<) and the waitress in smoking comes in screaming if any guy whose sitting there knows anything about basketball. First of all she's screaming about something stupid to all the customers as if it's an important issue, and second of all she's being rather sexist. Apparently there's a famous basketball player sitting in non-smoking. So not only did she just announce his presence to everyone (which would be annoying if you were him)...but she has kind of ignored me and my friend because she's so star-struck (to someone she didn't even know who he was). She's also screamed "fuck" a few times by now.

She takes our drink orders; I order a coke, then my friend orders water with lemon. Our waitress says simple enough then stares at me for a while. I just stare back at her because I have no clue why she is staring at me and my friend says "You said coke didn't you?” I said "ya" and then the waitress walks away to get our drinks. My friend commented on how she was slurring her words a bit. I shrugged it off and said how I sometimes slur my words when I'm sober...it doesn't mean she's been drinking.

We were talking and not really looking at what we wanted. It's late at night though and I do this quite often. The waitress kept coming over to us and demanding our order. So we tell her what we want and SHE WRITES IT ON HER HAND. Her reason was "I don't feel like carrying paper.”

We waited for our food for a long time...which normally I don't blame the waitress for...except our waitress was in our section a lot not quietly chatting...but loudly talking with other customers using plenty of curse words. I just looked at my friend and said "I wonder how fast we'd get fired if we acted like her at our job?” Upon her finally bringing our order to us I noticed she still had our orders written on her hand. I'm really glad she didn't prepare our food.

She continued to speak loudly with other customers and continued the constant use of words like "fuck" and "shit". She was pretty good with refilling my coke though. I really dislike those words though. I understand that when upset or stressed you'll let words like that slip. I know I've done it at my work several times. While you're at work you should have some ability to keep your tongue in check though.

We gathered by her actions, and more then just the occasional slurring of words that she probably was slightly intoxicated.
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