becca (starph1sh) wrote in bad_service,

my letter to cinemark:

To Whom It May Concern:

My husband and I are regular visitors to your establishment. We appreciate the cleanliness of the theater and the proximity to our house. Today we visited your theater today to see the 1:50 showing of “Broken Flowers” in theater #20. As we entered the theater we noticed it smelled musty and moldy. Despite the smell, we sat down and began watching the movie.

Throughout the film, we were disturbed by loud, rumbling sounds coming from the theater next to ours. The noise was so loud that the screen in our theater was shaking. “Broken Flowers” is a fairly quiet movie, so the excess noise was annoying to say the least. After the movie had ended, I looked to see the title of the film that had been disturbing us; it was appropriately named “A Sound of Thunder.” I suggest putting such loud movies next to other loud movies so other patrons won’t be disturbed.



this wasn't god awful but it was certainly annoying and distracting. i wanted to go complain to a manager during the film, but i didn't want to miss part of the movie! i haven't sent the letter yet (mail won't go out until tuesday) so if anyone has any suggestions, let me know!
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