creepybrat (creepybrat) wrote in bad_service,

Debit cards...

You know sometimes I just hate using those damn debit cards!

Why is it that you can go to an ATM and get cash with no problem, BUT go to a store and use the debit system they have and it won't read the card worth a shit!

Then you have the cashier tell you "There's something wrong with your card."

Me : No, I just used it at an ATM and I got some cash.
Cashier: Then why don't you pay with the cash?
Me : Because I didn't take that much out.

She swipes the card again...then wraps it in a bag and swipes it again. It finally works!

I've had cashiers use bags or tape to get the cards to read. Its not the card, I've had it replaced and I still get the same problem at times. I have yet to get a ATM to refuse the card.

Best one...

Standing at counter as cashier at drug store swipes card.

Cashier: There is something wrong with your card.
Me : Its a new card.
Cashier tries bag... method...doesn't work...THEN spits on her fingers and rubs the magnetic strip! Then wipes it off! Swipes card....and it worked.
Me O.O *ewwwww*

You know I feel like saying "These things are like asses! They need to be wiped once in a while!"

Clean the damn card readers!
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