Sam (thatsamguy) wrote in bad_service,

New York MTA...{violent, evil thoughts}

Is there any possible way to make a plane trip on which every possible thing went wrong, followed by a missed train connection, worse? Sure there is: take the NYC subway back to your apartment.

After finally arriving at Penn Station approx. 2:30, I go over to the A line to catch the train downtown. This is a trip from 34th Street to 14th Street. One stop. A five-minute ride at most. But instead, we wait, and wait, and wait, for about 30 minutes. Actually, I waited for only about 30 minutes; I can't imagine how long those who were there before me were there. Meanwhile, two uptown trains (an express and a local) pull into the station, and sit there. And sit. And sit. And sit. We're coming up on close to 45 mintues of no downtown trains and stalled uptown trains.

For those who don't know...NYC subway platforms get HOT. Even on relatively cool days, like today. And there are now close to about 100 people here on the platform...Yeah, it wasn't pleasant.

All this time, of course, the MTA does its customary wonderful job keeping us informed of the power outage that is preventing trains from moving, and does its best to shuffle people out of the station and over to the other line...Ha ha ha! That's forkin' hilarious! No, of course, there is NO announcement from ANYONE about what in hell is keeping the trains. No voice over the loudspeaker, no employees on the platforms, nothing. The only way I found out is by finally giving up and going down to the token clerk's booth to see "NO TRAINS-POWER OUTAGE" scribbled on the whiteboard. Um, why in HELL are you still letting people into the station then?!?!?!?!(Understand that I am not upset about the power outage and lack of trains, but MTA's complete lack of communication and incompetence.)

I get a voucher for the blocked train, walk over (with my huge and HEAVY suitcase in tow) over to the other subway line, where I show the clerk the voucher and try to go through the gate. But NOOO, the clerk yells and says I have to stand in the line at the booth for vouchers. Which currently stretches from here to Queens.

Excuse me? No, that line is for people who NEED a voucher. I already have one. You don't make everyone stand in line for an hour and argue with you (which is what she was doing with EVERYONE, I noticed), especially in a high-volume subway station.

MTA sucks.

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