creepybrat (creepybrat) wrote in bad_service,

Tim Horton's rant....

I like to consider myself a pretty tolerant person....

When I work weekend dayshift I work alone.... I have some free time during my shift to run small errands and such. Most of the time I don't leave the office and come prepared for the day.

Anyway..... One saturday morning a while back I had a major craving for some Tim Horton's cookies. For those of you in the USA its similar to Krispy Kreams. There is a TH located across the street from my office. I went in before my 7am shift and they didn't have any cookies on the shelves. There was a lineup so I left and came into work. Once I was organized I headed back to TH. The lineup was much smaller and I still could see no cookies so I waited. Once the clerk got to me I asked if they had any cookies. She told me they would be ready in 15 minutes., and it was 7:30. I told her I would come back.

8:00 and I headed back to TH. When the clerk got to me...again I asked about the cookies. They had oatmeal & peanut butter cookies. I asked if they were going to have chocolate chip or double chocolate chunk cookies. She told me they were in the oven and would be 15 minutes. I told her I had my heart set on those selections so I would come back....Off back to work.

Now to this point.... The service was understandable. I was a bit peeved that a 24hr place would run out of cookies....all cookies. But I was willing to wait....They are so worth waiting for!

8:30 ...mouth drooling I headed back to TH. The clerk sees me and rolls her eyes. Me? Thinking WTF? She looks at the racks and tells me the cookies are not ready yet. It will be 15 minutes. By then I'm kind of pissed because I'm thinking how many 15 minutes do you guys need? I head back to work. hour later I head back to TH. Now I have been waiting to get these cookies since 6:45 am. If I didn't like them so much I would have gave up. I walk in....clerk sees me again and says they have the chocolate chip cookies but no double chocolate chunk cookies. They were out of some ingredients. Now its cheaper to buy by the dozen or half dozen. I told her I wanted a dozen cookies, 6 chocolate chip & 6 oatmeal. Total should be 2.99. She punches up the order for 2 half dozen and the total comes to over 4 bucks. I told her no, its a dozen cookies for 2.99. Then she begins to argue that its 2 half dozen. I wanted to smack her by then! I asked her when someone buys a dozen donuts do they pick what kinds they want? She said yes, and I said whats the difference with the cookies? I want 6 of each flavor, its still a dozen.

She reluctantly gave me the cookies for 2.99 looking at me like I'm some sort of thief! I was pissed by then! Almost 3 hours to get a dozen cookies and not get exactly what I want , then trying to overcharge me and making me feel like a crook. *UGH*

I came back to work and fired off an email to corporate.

A few days later the owner calls me at home and asks for the run down again. He apologized that the cookies were not available when I first went in. He told me they should be available 24 hrs a day. He also said he would check into why I was told they were out of some ingredients. He said that should never happen & he couldn't believe I went back so many times.

When I told him about the clerk trying to charge for 2 half dozen he got a bit angry and asked if I could remember her name. I told him I couldn't remember her name. He asked if I saw an employee wearing a black shirt because thats the shift manager. I told him no...just the two clerks. He apologized again and invited me in for coffee sometime and we could talk about it. Me? I was good... I got out my rant and I wasn't brushed off. I still go to TH, I would die without their cookies! But I doubt I would ever wait 3 hours again.
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