Play nice or be at the business end of my snark. (kettlechip) wrote in bad_service,
Play nice or be at the business end of my snark.

Reading these awful stories about tipping made me think back to this incident from several years ago.

My husband and I decided to take a friend out to Richmond Sushi as he had never tried it before. They had a "late night" special where it's AYCE after 9 p.m. for only $9, so it was a good way for our friend to try out some different stuff.

We got there around 10:15 and we noted that closing time was midnight. Plenty of time. We got seated and immediately our server brought by cups of tea, water, and place settings. A few minutes later the same server came back and took our initial food order -- miso soup, gomae, six pieces of California roll and six pieces of tuna sashimi -- and returned within a few minutes.

This is where the fun begins. Our server seemed to have disappeared. We looked around the restaurant, and maybe only seven tables were filled -- it was very quiet. I tried to ask another server a question and before I could even get two words out, he said, "This isn't my table. You'll have to ask your server," and disappeared. After 45 minutes of sitting at a table with our dirty dishes and empty cups, our server finally arrived and said, "This is last call." What?? It was 11, last call is usually 11:30, and our server only came by once to take an order that pretty much only whetted our appetites. We made our final order -- a fairly sizable one -- and waited for 20 minutes. The server finally reappeared, but with the wrong order, and a very small one at that (another bowl of soup apiece). Pissed off, we left the soups and got up to leave.

As we were getting up, our server ran up with our bill -- and then had the gall to say, "Where will you be leaving the tip?"

"You don't want to know where I'll be leaving your tip," I curtly said, and demanded to speak to the manager. The manager was brought by and my husband told him that not only were we disappointed in the meal, but we were absolutely appalled at the lack of service we had received.

The manager's reply?

"Oh, you have to understand, it's late and our servers are tired."

Even though we didn't get our money's worth, we weren't going to stiff them completely because we had eaten food. We gave them exactly the amount on the bill ($9 each + tax) and left, with the server loudly bitching and complaining that no tip was left.

So not only did we receive no service, our server demanded a tip AND the manager was an ass.

I wrote them a nasty letter several days later, but I think they just got a good laugh and tossed the letter in the trash. We never received a reply. Richmond Sushi will never get our business, and several of our friends won't go there anymore after we told them about our experience there.
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