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Update on the rude Uno's waitress.

I posted yesterday about my bad experience at Uno's Pizzeria on Columbus Avenue in Springfield Massachusetts, and I just wanted to give an update on the situation.

After my fiance returned home from work last night, we sat down and bitched about the whole incident. After posting about it in here yesterday, it started bugging the hell out of me, so just a little while ago he decided to call the restaurant and speak with a manager and tell them of the situation.

He called and explained the whole incident, and the manager agreed that the waitress was completely out of line and shouldn't have done what she did. The manager said that she was going to speak with the waitress and she's going to send us some vouchers.

We probably should've said something while we were at the restaurant, however it didn't really occur to us how awful that bit was till after we got home. Thankfully it all worked out. So, now we're getting vouchers, and that bitch is going to get talked to.

Oh, and for those of you who were wondering, the bill was around 27.00, and my fiance gave her 35.00 because he didn't have any smaller bills, so she assumed she was getting like a 25% tip. Biiiig mistake. The service was great (up until that point) however we're not THAT generous, sorry.

Some of you mentioned that you thought we gave her 6.00 instead of 5.00, but I confirmed that we did indeed give her a 5.00 tip. I just made an error with the amounts that I wrote. In any case, she definitely didn't even deserve 5.00 and she's damn lucky she got that much from us after that incident. Next time something like that happens, I'm not leaving a good tip. I normally tip really well too, but things like this are inexcuseable. I work in a restaurant too, so I know there's just certain things you just do not do. I hope she handles her future customers a lot better than she handled us next time.
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