pip3r (pip3r) wrote in bad_service,

Ok this is something that I've started noticing....

Whenever I go out to eat, sit down or order pizza and pick it up, I never get all my change.

Now I don't mean like $1 or $5 dollars or something.

I mean like anywhere from $0.50 and under.

It just annoys me because 1.) I keep ALL my change and cash it in at the end of the month at my bank when I'm broke. 2.) WHAT THE HELL.

I've started asking or saying something. My total was $26.18 the other night at Pizza Hut, well it was my bosses, the guy gave me change. Guy gave me $3.75. I went inside to pick this up. It was a nice treat because her and myself, plus the 3 carpet people, were at the mall until 4AM replacing the carpet.

And they started doing the same thing at IHOP. I've started saying stuff like "OH. I thought the total was $XX.xx." "Yes, it was." "Okay, because you only gave me $XX.xx back for change."

They always fix it but it just annoys the HELL outta me. Pizza delivery does it too, but I can understand if they don't have correct change. It's when you have a till and you try this. =/

So...has anyone been noticing this too? Because it's only been recent for me.
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