a rhinestone in the rough (pixiebitch) wrote in bad_service,
a rhinestone in the rough

Dear Carl's Jr..

You guys are 24-hours. I understand waiting a bit at like... 2 or 3am.

But I came by at 9pm last night and there was a bit of a line in front of me at the drive thru. By a bit of a line I mean exactly 3 cars. The car at the speaker pulled up, and I pulled up to the speaker.. more then enough room in front of me and no question that my car was registering inside. I then waited for about 6-7 minutes before anyone even acknowledged I wanted to order, despite asking "hello?" a few times after 5 minutes had passed.

I placed my order, and then had to wait another 5 minutes for 3 cars to get their orders. I assumed you were understaffed, and was VERY surprised to see at least 4 people inside, and no customers at the counter inside the restaurant.. ar at the tables I could see.

I then waited about 5 more minutes to be handed my food.

15+ minutes at the drive-thru for a order for myself and my boyfriend. I should have just gone inside... but my boyfriend insisted that we use the drive-thru because he didn't feel like waiting. Boy was he wrong.

Mostly just annoying... cause I am pretty damn patient so I got over it. Plus.. I got a free cookie that I never ordered.
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