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Bad service or not?

Ok. Something rather minor happened the other day at my local Pizzeria Uno, and the "bad service" aspect of it is questionable. I first want to say that I am in no way saying this is or is not bad service, so I don't particularly care to hear something lame like "OMGZ THAT'S NOT BAD SERVICE! WHY DID YOU POST IT HERE?!" I'm posting this here to get an opinion of what YOU think it is. With that said, I'll post the little story and YOU decide.

Ok, so after an entire day of not eating (i've been taking pain medication lately and it's suppressed my appetite quite a bit) my fiance and I decided to go out to dinner. Something we don't do quite often. We decided on Pizzeria Uno because we both love the pizza. I gotta say that the crust on their deep dish pizzas rock. I just love it, and I don't eat food like that too often, so it's quite a treat to taste that warm buttery crust once in awhile.

Anyhow, *mouth watering* we got there, and it was somewhat busy, but we were seated immediately by the hostess. A few moments later our waitress came over and took our drink orders. She came back promptly with our drinks and we politely requested a few moments to decide on our meals. She came back a few moments later, took our appetizer order, and our meal order (shouldn't one come before the other?) anyway, she told us the appetizer would take about 10 minutes, and the pizzas would take about 20 minutes. She was pretty nice. Good so far, right?

While we were waiting, my fiance and I talked. Our appetizer and entrees came in the time she estimated, and we ate. Now here comes the questionable part of the service. When we got the check, my fiance put in the bills, but he needed change because there was 8.00 extra in there. Naturally we were going to leave a 4.00 tip. I forgot the total amount of the bill, but we estimated that the 4.00 was an accurate (and good) tip. She took the bill, and went to the cash register. She came back a moment later:

Her: Do you need change?
Fiance: Yes, please.
Her: Well, you only gave me blablabla (can't remember exact amount, but there was enough to cover the entire dinner in there, plus the 8.00 we needed back, 4 of which we were planning on giving her for tip).
Fiance: *obviously looking kind of put on the spot*
Her: How much did you want back?
Fiance: Uhm... *uncomfortable and put on spot* 2.00 I guess.
Her: OK. *gives him 2.00 back and walks off without saying thank you, have a good night, etc.

After she left, he told me how uncomfortable he felt being put on the spot like that about the tip. I mean, I don't blame him really. It was almost as if she was suggesting he give her 8.00 for tip? I mean, the service up until that point was great, but not deserving of 8.00, sorry. Especially since we're on a bit of a budget. He ended up giving her a 5.00 tip instead of the planned 4.00 because he felt put on the spot, but jeez.. She could've said thank you and good night instead of walking off like that. She didn't say ANYTHING! And from what I remember, they're supposed to ask if you want change, and if you say yes, then they're supposed to give you that change, and leave you the hell alone to leave the tip. Not stand there and basically ask how much you're leaving for a tip!

I've just never seen anything like that, and it really made both of us uncomfortable. We didn't really plan on leaving her 5 bucks, but whatever. It's just a dollar more than what we had planned, but I don't like that she almost seemed like she thought she was getting an 8.00 tip. I also don't like how she put us on the spot like that, and walked off without saying the proper thank you, have a good night, etc.

So now I ask all of you, what do you think? I don't know what I think about this, but the bad service at the end of the meal is rather questionable to both me and my fiance, so I figured I'd post it here and see what you guys think. I'm more confused about that whole thing than angry really. I don't know.. Thanks.
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