bitch pudding (krissi) wrote in bad_service,
bitch pudding

First post.

This wasn't the worst service ever, but it was something that made me grit my teeth in frustration.

A few days ago I went to this shopping center pretty far away (about an hour travel-time) and found a gorgeous coat at Suzy Shier. I tried it on, loved it, yadda yadda I went up to buy it. The salesgirl at the counter asked me if I wanted to get a premium card. I'm not really a card person, and I don't shop there often enough to bother with it. So I started with a polite "Maybe next time, thank you."

I don't think she heard me, as she asked me if I knew what the card does in terms of savings. Seeing that I can read the giant sign behind her I responded with, "Yes you can save 20% off your first purchase and (insert whatever else I managed to read), but I'm not really interested thank you though. :)"

Fine, right? I really didn't want a card, we've established that. Or so I thought as then she says, "Do you want me to calculate how much you will be saving if you buy the card on this coat?"

Um... let's see. Other than the coat I really don't like what they have in the store, this was my first time there. And really, buying the card to save money sort of cancels out any saving. *Shrug* At this point in time I say, "I said no thank you before, I'd just like to buy this coat please."

"Are you sure you don't want the card?" she says again.

".. I'm very sure."

I finally get the jacket and I'm out of there.

Only when I get home and show it to my mom, I discover that the security tag (the thing that squirts dye out) is still attached to it.

And while I do blame myself for not checking the coat (which I usually do with other things I buy), I'm also annoyed that this girl spent more time trying to convice me to buy a card that I said I didn't want than doing her job properly. (And quite frankly I'm surprised I left the store without an alarm system going off.)

It was an absolute bitch to go back up there to remove the tag - something that could've been avoided.
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