robertr4836 (robertr4836) wrote in bad_service,

Hey Dude...Where am I?

The few posts I have made here were generally about past bad service that so burned me up at the time that I still remember them. This one is also from a few years ago but it sticks in my mind more because I thought it was funny (pathetic?) certainly didn't make me angry.

My company had moved into a new building and I was re-assembling our small computer network...just a half dozen PC's all linked to a router, not a server based network.

I was about to run a cable through the ceiling to the most distant office when I realized the connector on the end of the cable was damaged. No problem, I had noticed a small computer store down the street from our new office and I was sure they could attach a new end to the cable so off I went.

I walked into the front door and the small front section of the store was deserted. There was a strong breeze coming from the open door to the back of the store and I could hear a radio playing in the back. I waited about a minute and realized that the very strong odor wafting in from the back was familiar from my college was the very distinct reek of marijuana.

I was trying to decide if I should just leave but I figured even someone completely stoned could fix the cable so I ventured into the back room startling the middle aged owner(?) of the store as he was in the middle of taking a large hit from an equally large joint. As he quickly dropped the joint into an ashtray and threw a newspaper over it (I was wondering if it would go out or set the place on fire) I notice the open back door which explained the strong breeze.

After three or four explanations he seemed to understand what I needed done and then went on a quest to find the "tool" he needed to perform the work. For about five minutes he searched haphazardly for his missing tool alternately telling me how he doesn't get much walk in business and that one of his techs may have left the tool in their van. He finally admitted that he couldn't find it and couldn't repair the cable without it.

He did give me directions to the next closest computer store and assured me they would be able to fix the cable (which they did). I noticed driving by a few months later that the store had gone out of business.
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