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bad service at the... liquor store?

hi everyone, this is my first post... i love this place.

yesterday was my best friend's 21st birthday. and in the US the first thing to do when you turn 21 is go to the liquor store. so off we head to the closest store so she can look around and see what the hype's all about. after spending a half hour examining what's on sale and whatnot, we loaded up our arms and headed for the checkout.

there were two cashiers on, one older (40-ish) lady, and one young (barely 21) girl. we were both in the older lady's line. it was my turn, so the lady rang in my FOUR bottles of liquor, looked at my ID, confirmed that i (and the other girl with us) am 21, and let me go. my friend had cut into the younger girl's line since it was going quicker. as i stepped away from the checkout, i look to see if my friend is almost done.

well, the cashier had gotten out the ID BOOK (a reference to the codes and holograms and marks that make an ID real) and was examining my friend's ID closely. all of a sudden she slams the book shut, takes the liquor away and says she's denying my friend and she needs to take the ID. she claimed the letters in her license number didn't match up and she wasn't selling to my friend. so i took out my license, our other friend took out her license, and we determined that the cashier was wrong. (obviously, we KNOW when our friend's birthday is!) we politely asked the cashier to take a second look at the ID, letting her know that she had mixed up the letters in the first and last name. she VERY RUDELY looks at us, and snaps that she has already denied us and doesn't have to do anything and we should leave.

well i'm a bartender in my state, so i'm pretty proficient in the liquor laws. if she had really thought my friend was under 21, she should have confiscated my liquor as well. she didn't, though. i was so pissed, she ruined my friend's birthday. my friend ended up leaving the store in tears because of how rude the lady was. thankfully my friend got her ID back and we drove to another liquor store.

you better believe that i called not a half hour later, spoke with the manager, and RIPPED that cashier apart. and i refuse to buy from that liquor store ever again!
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