emptyobsidian (emptyobsidian) wrote in bad_service,

Just a little weird

This is more of a lighthearted, kind of funny story.
I have a Mexican place close to my apartment-they have quesadillas like you would not believe. Now, for anyone who may not know, a Quesadilla is basically some sort of tortilla with cheese and other toppings cooked. Simple. So I go and order a steak one and then (as it normally takes a few minutes) run to get some apple juice. I come back and she hands me my order...I was happy at the fast service because normally it does take 10 minutes or more.
So I run back to my apartment and take the quesadilla out...and it has not been cooked at all. Literally-the cheese is still cold from the freezer/fridge, the tortilla is cracked because they tried to fold it without it being warm at all, and the steak is hard from being cold. Wtf?
And to make sure its not misunderstood-they DO make the quesadillas. They are not premade...so they had to have actually put the products together cold for some reason and then just handed them to me. Then I look at my guacamole sauce...its like...a few hunks of avocado. No sauce at all. (I believe the sauce is also somewhat made that day)
It amused me more than anything else-its like they completely forgot to actually cook/make any part of my meal. Its like if Mcdonalds hands someone a frozen burger and a tomato (instead of ketchup).
So I took a few minutes to cook my meal and make my few chunks of avocado into the actual sauce-still excellent. I just hope I do not have to do this every time :p
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