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I got off of work very late one night. Maybe 1:30, when usually I'm done by 12:05, 12:10. Nothing was really open, no food at the house, so I decided, hey, I'll stop at the 24 hour taco bell and just get something quick.

I pull into the parking lot and see that even at around 1:45 a.m., drive thru is PACKED. The walk-up wasn't open and I figured, "Oh well. I'm hungry, I haven't eaten all day, I can wait a little longer". 5 minutes later, the cars in the drive-thru haven't moved. I'm wondering what's going on. There is one car at the window, and a bunch of cars backed up at the speaker. Finally, the car at the window drives off. I rolled down my window and slowly realized what was going on.

- They took your order, you drove to the window, paid, waited for your food, got your food, and drove off.
- Then they took the next person's order who had been waiting at the speaker. They drove to the window, paid, waited for food, got it, and drove off.

They did this for every single car. WTF. I work for Del Taco, and our policy is that we NEVER put anyone on hold, unless we absolutely have to. We take your order once your car gets to the speaker. For some reason, this taco bell was taking the persons order and completely finishing their order before even taking the next person's order.

I'm waiting. And waiting. And waiting. And by now I don't have the option of just pulling back out of the drive thru. There were a few cars behind me now. As I said, it was 1:45 when I pulled in to the drive thru. Guess what time I got to the speaker finally? 2:20. Yeah. That's just not right.

And when I got to the window, FINALLY... here was my conversation with the MANAGER.

Me: Are you understaffed tonight?
Him: No... we got a lot more people than usual.
Him: *looks out the window and sees how many cars are waiting behind mine* MOTHER FUCKER. *slams window shut. finally comes back* Heres your order *hands bag to me*
Me: Can I get a reciept, please?
Him: Why? Are you gonna call and complain?
Me: No. I would like my reciept, though.
Him: Good thing though, cause I'm the manager... the complaint would go to me... or my GM. but I'd get it first!
Me: Okay. Well. Can I have the reciept?
Him: Don't call and complain! Cause it won't matter! I'm a manager!
Me: Alright! I wasn't going to call and complain. And if I wanted to, and you still won't give me my reciept, I can find out the number anyway.
Him: HOW?
Me: Phone book.. internet... 411...
Him: *turns around, grabs reciept, and gives it to me* HAVE A NICE NIGHT! *slams window shut again*

Who. Does. That? If I did anything like that, I'd be fired. I was about to call in and complain. Then I remembered something - I know somebody who works there. And they told me that he has gotten a ton of complaints already, and hasn't been fired. For some reason, the GM won't fire him after all of those complaints. Would calling corporate make a difference? Can they fire somebody or is it ultimately up to the GM? I know my GM has hired people back that are "non-rehirable" by corporate... so I don't know if it would matter.

But the way they were taking orders... and the way that guy acted? Ridiculous. And as I said, I got there at 1:45... I didn't get home until 2:50, 3 a.m. That. is bad service.
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