Keira (urban_exotic) wrote in bad_service,

Sucky leasing agents

Copied from my own journal. Cut for length.

Yesterday was additionally frustrating. I made an appointment to do a viewing at Arbors at Georgetown Apartments after I got out of work. I drove all the way out there from downtown to MLK and Edgewood, only to find out halfway through the interview process that they have an income cap for applicants which makes Nick and I ineligible because Nick makes too much money. But they didn’t bother to tell me that over the phone or list it on any of their informational websites. I had to drive a half hour out to BFE Lansing to find this out 15 minutes into our discussion.

So how the fuck was I supposed to know this information? Physic waves of energy? Osmosis? And who the fuck can afford a $900/month townhouse on a salary of $31,000/year anyway? Nick and I sure as hell couldn’t. Nick was making about that much working in Grand Rapids when we first got married, and we were barely scraping by trying to pay for our $700/month apartment. I shudder to think of the people who make that much or less and are living in such a place with kids and trying to make ends meet.

So after they told me about the salary cap, and I asked them how the hell I was supposed to know about it and why they made me drive all the way out there to find out about it, the leasing agent had the nerve to say to me, “Well, I do apologize. But it really is a nice complex. If you have any friends that are harder up financially, you can be sure and recommend this complex to them.” Like hell I will! I told her (politely) that after the inconsiderate way they wasted my time and gas money, there was no way that I’d refer their complex to anyone, even if they did meet their stupid income qualifications.

And the thing of it is that she didn’t even seem to understand why I was so pissed. It was as if my half hour drive one way and the gas I had to use to get al the way out there was only a minor inconvenience. And maybe it would be…if I didn’t work all day, and was able to view more than one apartment viewing per day, and wasn’t trying to make a decision by this weekend about where we were going to be moving in a couple of weeks. So anyway, boys and girls, here is my recommendation for The Arbors at Georgetown: Don’t rent from them. They’re asshats. They waste your time and are unrepentant. They charge people making less than $31,000 a year $900/month plus utilities. They suck.


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