Cara (notahat) wrote in bad_service,

A few weeks ago, I took my boyfriend, two of our friends, and one friend's autistic sister to New Fortune, a Chinese restuarant in Rockville, MD. It was my boyfriend’s birthday, so we were hoping for a nice meal. However, we had to be in Virginia by 7:00 for a concert, over two hours drive away. We figured than an hour would be enough time to order some food (Chinese food tends to cook pretty quickly, right?), eat it quickly, and leave. We got there around 3:45.

First, when we got there, the lady at the front counter told us to go into the next room, where we would be seated. We stood around for five minutes before anyone noticed we were there (even though there were about a dozen servers/bussers running around). There were no other customers, either. First hint that we'd picked a bad restaurant.

We were finally seated at a table. After about ten minutes of us sitting there, someone finally came to take our orders. Fine. We waited. We drank all our water, because it was s a hot day. No one (remember, 12 servers were present in this room, and we were the ONLY customers) came to refill our glasses, even though we tried to wave someone over to help us. My boyfriend eventually got up and took a pitcher from another table, since no one was there anyway. Second hint.

The food came twenty minutes later, and it's all cold. But, there's mysteriously now no one around to ask to heat it up. The dozen servers have disappeared. Third hint.

I tried to eat the food, but there were bones and bone fragments in it. I did not expect to find a piece of a bone in the duck, and cut the inside of my mouth on it. Fourth hint.

All our glasses AND the pitcher were empty now. A server eventually came and took away the empty pitcher (cursing madly that we’d taken it, by the way), but then no one came with anything else to drink. Fifth hint.

By now, we'd been finished eating for about 15 minutes. It was 5:00 and we should've left already. But, the servers near us were actively ignoring us as we called out for them to bring us the check. (We'd wave and call out "Um, excuse me, could we..." and they'd glance at us and turn and walk away.) At 5:10 (!!!), we decide to walk out.

Unfortunately, we didn't move quite fast enough, because we were almost to the cars when a Chinese lady comes scurrying out yelling "Wait! Wait! You didn't pay!" Me, being the goody-two-shoes idiot that I am, stopped. My friend yells at the woman, "You took too long! We have to be somewhere at 7:00, and it's two hours away!" The lady apologized and apologized, and I handed her my credit card to pay for the meal.

She ran in, and came out with a $58 receipt!!! Now, I couldn't read the receipt (it was in Chinese) and we REALLY needed to leave, so I wrote "NO TIP" in the tip line, signed it, and we left. When we got in the car, my Chinese friends very helpfully told me that I had been overcharged by about $20. We'd ordered four $10 entrees, but my Chinese friends had ordered IN CHINESE so I didn't know what they were or how much they costed.

I’d understand their behavior if we’d been rude, but we were as polite as we could be under the circumstances. Maybe they were put off my my friend’s autistic sister? Autistics tend to have a hard time sitting still and waiting for things, but she was remarkably quiet and calm. She cried out loudly a couple of times, it’s not HER fault she’s disabled! And it’s not like there was anyone there for her to bother except the restaurant staff. The rest of us were polite and respectful.

So, bad service, bad food, AND I got ripped off. Stay away. Stay FAR away.
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