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Taxi Driver!

It's been especially humid and sticky in the great city of Washington, DC, these past few days, so when I wound up with some rather large purchase items from Bed, Bath & Beyond, I decided to catch a cab back to my building--the Georgetown Law school "dorm"--rather than Metro and walk.

I am always very nice to cab drivers--they have to cart around tourists and people who speak less than good English (and they themselves often have less than good English) not to mention passengers who don't have a clue where they're going (like me, on occasion.)

This, however, was not one such occasion.  I was just going back to my dorm building where I have lived for weeks this year and my entire first year of law school.  I know the address!

So I hop in the cab, dump my bulky bags in the trunk, and off we go...

Me:  <Address>, please.
He(Driver):  Okay...<repeat Address>
Me:  Yes, that's it.
He:  Okay.  <Off we drive.  About a block from where he picked me up...>
He:  <Repeat Address>?
Me:  That's right.  It's the Georgetown Law dorm building.
He:  That not Georgiatown (his pronunciation, not mine)
Me:  Yes, Georgetown Law (slowly, as his English is not great)
He:  You sure?  I don't think that Georgiatown. 
Me:  I'm sure.  <Repeat Address.>
He:  <Repeats address>
Me:  Yes. 
He:  Okay, I take you there, but I not sure that is Georgiatown.
Me:  Trust me, it is right.
He:  <Drives onto the highway into DC>  Georgiatown that way.  <Points toward Georgetown proper, NOT Georgetown Law>  I take you there, right?
Me:  No.  Georgetown Law School is not with the rest of Georgetown.  Take me to <Address>
He:  I not think that right.
Me:  (Trying not to yell)  It's right! 
He:  By the Capitol?!
Me:  Yes!
He: (Obviously thinks I'm an idiot) say...
We:  <Arrive at the Georgetown Law dorm.>
He:  Oh.  This Georgetown?
Me:  (Thinking:  No, buster, I'm getting out at the wrong location for kicks!)  Yes.  <Pays, gets bulky bags, bails>
Girl at front desk of dorm:  What's so funny?
Me:  My cab driver didn't believe me when I told him the address.  He wanted to take me across town.

I'll be the first to admit I have no doubt that some cab passengers get in and don't have a clue where they're going.  But I did.  I should not have had to repeat myself half a dozen times.

Oh well, at least he closed the windows and turned on the air-conditioning.  I was too decent to not tip him.


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