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Today I took my new truck to the Ford Dealer to have a bedliner installed. Nothing fancy, no spray in custom work, just a drop in bedliner. I called the around 1:30 PM to confirm they had the liner in stock and had time to install it. They told me yes, should take about an hour.

Arrived at the dealer around 2:00 PM, gave them the truck. Waited. And Waited. And Waited. Checked back in the shop, and the guys haven't even found my bedliner by 3:30 PM, are just standing around smoking. Eventually I go find the bedliner myself and drag it over, and now make sure they install it.

Finally left at 5:30 PM.

Now, here's the kicker. When I picked up the truck, I didn't look too closely because I figured they would install the liner properly. But I tooked around the edges of the plastic that was on the edges of the bed before the liner went in, and there are literally *chunks* missing, like they forced the bedliner into place instead of properly removing the outer lining like they should have.

And this is a brand new truck, less than 3 weeks old, still has temp tags on it, and now has chunks of plastic missing.

I'm considering going back to the dealer and complaining and asking they replace the plastic pieces they chipped up. Would I be out of line?
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