Official Last Call Flip Cup Champion (bkmichele) wrote in bad_service,
Official Last Call Flip Cup Champion

SBC Phone & DSL People

To begin with, I don't even particularly want to be an SBC customer. But my complex is forcing a switch from TimeWarner to Direct TV for cable and we have to have SBC for internet. To top it off, SBC doesn't even offer their high-speed DSL in my area; just the basic service. But I have no choice. So I call up SBC and get started on setting up the DSL service.

First, I have to get the basic local phone service before they can activate the DSL line. OK. They set me up with a phone number and inform me that the technician will be out on Friday (Aug 26) to switch it on. Then the following week I'll receive my modem and they'll activate the DSL line. Seems painless enough.
Friday rolls around. I don't have to be at home for the service guy, so I went to a social with one of my law school's organizations. I'm enjoying my quesadillas and PBR when my cell rings. It's the SBC technician.
Tech: "Hi, I'm at 3314 Collier Avenue but there is no 3312".
Me: "I don't live on Collier Avenue. I live on "C----y Way".
Tech: "Where's that?"
Me: "Near the Clairemont Dr. exit off the 5"
Tech: "Oh wow, I'm nowhere near there. That's not even in my service area so I can't activate your phone"
Me: "Oh that's just great. What do I do?"
Tech: "Call the main number. They'll figure it out and try to get someone out there ASAP"
Me: "OK thanks"

So I call the main SBC number. The woman on the phone gives me a different phone number, fixes my address and says that the phone line will be activated that day because they don't actually have to come to me to turn it on there.

I still have no dial tone.

[EDIT]: I now have a dial tone! Apparently the 4th dimwit I spoke to on Friday didn't take the hold off my account for a wrong address. So no one could turn it on. I've now decided that SBC is like Linksys. With Linksys, you won't be helped unless you get someone of South Asian ancestry. With SBC, you need a man.
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