The Ronin (theronin) wrote in bad_service,
The Ronin

The wife and I went to Chili's for dinner last weekend, because I have a serious addiction to their Queso Skillet. They were fairly busy, so we ended up getting stuck in a corner waaaaaay in the back. (cue ominous "here comes the bad service" music) Our waiter turned out to be super-attentive (gotcha ;) ), was there almost immediately for our drink & appetizer order, brought me two drinks because it was still happy hour, and generally ran his butt off taking care of us and the two tables around us. I ordered a burger, and my wife ordered a new york strip steak.

We finish the appetizer, and right on cue the food runner shows up with my burger and (repeat ominous music) a sirloin. (For those that don't know the difference, they're two completely different cuts of meat, the sirloin being larger & flatter, and the strip being, well, a much thicker & narrower cut... it's the top loin portion of a t-bone.) The lovely wife o' mine tells the runner that she ordered a new york strip, not a sirloin.

The runner argues with her.... insisting that it was, indeed, a NYSS. The runner takes it back to the kitchen, where its brought back out by the "I get to wear a different shirt because I'm a" manager trainee, who proceeds to argue with my wife about the cut of the meat. The manager trainee finally goes back to the kitchen to make another one, but by this time I'm half-way done with my burger, so we immediately send our (great) server after her to just cancel the order.

The manager came over before we left and apologized... apparently he'd been dealing with some sort of medical emergency in the back (server with chest pains) and had just gotten the full account from his trainee. He agreed that the steak was wrong, and apologized profusely for the debate we received from the staff, ended up comp'ing everything off the ticket but our drinks, which was more than I expected. We left a note on the receipt praising our server, and left him a nice tip.

Then I took her to the grocery store & bought her a nice NY Strip :)

I have no problem with a restaurant screwing up an order. I've done it myself. But to argue with the customer about it, that strikes me as bad service.
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