Jess D'A (jess2002far) wrote in bad_service,
Jess D'A


infectedmodel's post about Blockbuster reminded me of this. (this is a quickie)

I wasn't feeling well one weekend, and since I was leaving for a week Monday morning, I decided to stay in, rent some movies, and rest up in hopes of feeling better before my trip Monday morning. So I headed to my local Blockbuster and rented one of the sex and the city DVDs. I watched one season through Friday and Saturday, returned it on Saturday, then went back and got another season on Saturday. I was told it was due back Monday before noon.

Since I don't rent very often, I didn't realize I had a late fee until they mailed a request for payment to me (this was before the "end of late fees" nonsense). I knew I couldn't have returned either of the DVDs back late. I would have been charged for the first one when I rented the second one. I dropped the second one (the one I was charged a late fee for) off in the drop box around 8am when I left for my vacation. Did they not check the drop box for four hours?

I've never been falsely charged by blockbuster but I hear it happens all the time. Rather then spending my morning arguing with blockbuster employees, I just haven't gone back. If I end up going back, I'll be sure to explain my story. Anyone else get false blockbuster fees?
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