You can't see me (littleminds) wrote in bad_service,
You can't see me

A Day Out in London

My friend and I decided to go to London on Saturday. We live in Cambridge, so it is an hour train journey.

after having shopped for a few hours in Harrods, the Dior shop, and walking what seemed like miles, we decided to get lunch. We hopped on the Underground, and went to Piccadily circus. We looked around, spotted a Burger King, or a Pizza Hut. We decided on Pizza Hut, since we have Student Discount cards for 20% off from Pizza Hut, and felt like it.

Walked into Piza hut, and waited to get seated. This was fine. I understand it was a big resturant, and not busy enough for someone to be on the door (2 other parties inside).

We were seated, and had the most lovely waitress ever! My friend and I both commented on this, and decided to leave a large tip, since at the Pizza Hut we normally go to in Cambridge, we do not like the waiter, since he seems to "hit" on my friend everytime, and it creeps her out. (We are 17, he is around 30 (And foriegn, so we don't always understand him)).

We dug into our meal, which was nice. Pizza Hut have a free drink re-fill policy, so we downed our drinks and requested a refill. Pepsi for me, 7Up for my friend.

Our drinks came, she took a sip, and pulled a face. I took a sip of her drink, and found that it was TONIC WATER, and not 7Up. I saw the waitress get the drink from the pump, so I suggested to my friend that perhaps it was faulty or something needed changing. My friend pulled the waitress over, and mentioned the drink, and could she have another one. The waitress took it away, and we waited for another drink.

It never came. The waitress kept walking past, and considering by now only 4 tables had customers, they weren't exactly busy. Another waiter came over and asked if things were okay, and my friend requested a drink from him. None came. Then our waitress walked past, and my friend spoke to her about another drink. The waitress said that somthing in the pump needed changing, and would she like something else to drink? She finally got it, as she finished her meal.

Why couldn't the waitress let her know sooner and offer her the choice of waiting or another drink? My friend is very particular about what she drinks, and will only drink around 3 things, 7Up or Sprit being one of them. Not tonic water.

Other than that, the service was good. We still tipped, but not as well as we would have.

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