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Closing time is a LIE!!!!!

For the life of me I cannot understand why the closing times posted on a certain fast food restaurant are LIES. The restaurant in question is something that rhymes with Mubway.

So, I go to work at 11 PM, and there is nothing in my town open before work other than McDonald's and Mubway. So I choose Mubway one day because who wants to eat grease patties every night?

The door at Mubway has the store hours. Closing time is 11:30 PM. Woohoo, I thought, a good place to get food before work. The current time is 10:45 PM, 45 whole minutes before closing time.

I get in, they're all cleaning. I asked "Are you closed already?" The lady says "In a while." So I figure, they're busy, I'll give them a chance and be patient. The cashier guy was on the phone yakkin' it up. Finally, the guy gets off, looks at me and tells me "I'm gonna mop the floor first." I said, "...But I'm going to be late for work." He shrugs and says "Sorry."

WTF??? Wouldn't be easier to help me and get me on my merry way before cleaning up? I shoulda stood my ground and demanded service because the store hours on the door clearly indicate that they're open until 11:30. But I just left without a word.

So someone I know who works in fast food said something like "If you come in 30 mins before closing time, don't think that you're welcome."

WTF? If we're not welcome WITHIN PUBLISHED BUSINESS HOURS, why do they even advertise those hours? Wouldn't it make more sense to close the store FIRST, and THEN clean up and leave, so you won't have customers coming in who have the AUDACITY to think they can get service within advertised business hours?

*Shrug*, makes no sense to me.
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