Hopelessly Twisted (youeatchildren) wrote in bad_service,
Hopelessly Twisted

Bad Service

1.) Value City

So my mother and I went to Value City today, we were shopping for clothes and we did not have much money, so we went into the clearance section. In all honesty, it looked like someone just threw a box of clothing on to a clothing rack.. shirts were not hung up right, everthing was unorganized, things were tossed on the floor, different kinds of shirts were "hidden" behind other shirts, things were thrown in piles, the isles were cramped.. it was hard to get around the mess..etc..

So, after about 20 minutes of sorting through the mess, I finally found a resonably nice pink shirt.. then I decided to look in the shoe section for some sneakers. Big mistake. The shoe section wasnt messy, but there were no places to sit down to try the shoes on at all.. and again, it was in a tiny isle.. and the other few customers that were there kept bumping into me and other people.

I ended up not buying shoes and I went over to the checkout to pay for my shirt.. there were 2 out of maybe 7 or 8 registers open and they had extremely lazy, slow people working there, and there were about a dozen or so customers in each line. I put my shirt back and left. There wasn't a sale or anything, the store wasn't moving.. so there was no excuse for the mess and the poor slow service.
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