music is my life (credobacchus) wrote in bad_service,
music is my life

Okay, I've got one, I think. I dunno, you tell me, is THIS shitty service?

I ordered a pizza from my favorite place, Da Boys, a familty place. I order a small (he confims that this is 12") pizza, hal pepperoni, half extra cheese.

Totals comes to $10.31, no delivery charge.

Here's where the trouble starts:

When the guy gets there, he tells me, $11.30. I start to say something, then figure that either there really was a delivery charge, or he figured in a tip. No problem. I'm in a good mood. Forget about it. I hand him a twenty, and ask for all my change.

He hands me my pizza, which I just set down besides me while he digs through the fannypack for bills. Then he tells me he doesn't have quite enough, can he run to his car and get some from the stash? (I know two delivery guys, and since their never allowed to carry more than $20 on them, they often have a little extra hidden just in case.) Apparently he had made a delivery and didn't have nine dollars.

Sure, I say. No problem.
I watch him go down, open his door, reach in...and..what's this? Get in his car and shut the door.
I step out and yell, Hey!

He flips the gas on and FLOORS IT out of there. Gone in seconds.

So I grab my pizza and toss it on the table, and then...stop....look..

This box can't be bigger than 9". I opened the box, and what do I have but a 6" personal with pepperoni all over it, and the cheese on the side. Yes, on the side. Not on the pizza. It looks like it's been set on its side and pulled off by gravity. So I immediately call them back.
When there's no answer, I look at the clock and see...10:35. They close at 10:30.

I called and called the next day, but anytime I got ahold of anyone I was either 'dissconnected', put on hold forever, or told the manager wasn't there.

Two days later I just dropped it.

So I ended up paying $20 for a 6" pizza that was made wrong. Now is that bad service or what?
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