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My mum, her friend's daughter, and myself have been grocery/clothes shopping all day, and we're on our way home. We decide we're a little hungry so we pull into the Sonic we're already nearby.

We pull up to the drive through display and look around the menu for a bit. My mom pushes the button and signals that she's ready to order. A couple of minutes go by and no one answers so she pushes it again. Still no answer. She pushes it a third time. Finally, someone answers.

Sonic girl: "I take order when you are ready."
Mum: "OK. I want two Junior burgers made like #1's. One with no onions and one with no pickles and no onions, and a Junior burger made like a #2....And then..I want a large apple Coke and two medium Dr. Peppers."

If you're not familiar with Sonic, a #1 has mayonaise and a #2 has mustard. If you just say you want a Junior burger with mayo or mustard, you also have to say you want lettuce, tomatos, onions, pickles, etc. Otherwise, they won't put it on the burger.

Mum: *waits*
Sonic girl: "Ok, like, we not have #1, #2 thing, so you'll just have to explain to me what you want."

They do too...it was on their ordering sign.

Mum: "Ok. I want two Junior burgers with mayonaise. One without onions, and one without onions or pickles. Then..I want a Junior burger with mustard, plus the drinks.
Sonic girl: "You want junior burger with mustard, tomato, lettuce, and pickle, then burger with mustard, tomato, lettuce, and burger with mustard, tomato, pickle, lettuce, and onion?
Kathy: *shaking her head*
Mum: "No, 2 junior burgers with mayonaise, one without onion, and one without onions and pickles. Then I want a junior burger with mustard and everything.
Sonic girl: "Ok. 3 Junior burger with mustard, one with no pickle, one wit no onion."
Kathy: "..."
Mum: *Sighs and gives up* "Sure...ok"
Sonic girl: "Yes ma'am. That *price* We bring out in a moment.

Bring out?! It's a DRIVE THRU! You PULL UP to it!

Mum pulls up to the window.

Sonic girl: *Opens window and recites the orders wrong, including something about 1 mustard and 2 mayonaise, and doesn't even mention the drinks.*
Mum: "No..Two with mayonaise, only one with onions, and you didn't get our drinks.
Sonic girl: "Oh. I scrape off onions. *disappears for a moment* What drink you have?"
Mum: "A large apple Coke and two medium Dr. Peppers."
Sonic girl: "I get." *Closes window and disappers* *comes back with our cokes and hands them to mum, who hands them to Kathy* "That be $8.(something)"
Mum: *Hands her the total amount*
Me: *in the back of the Explorer, copying down the service number*
Sonic girl: *Gives us a sack with our burgers inside.*
Mum: "Thank you" *rolls up window and pulls away*
Kathy: "What do you want to bet the order's still wrong?"
Me: "Not much." *Opens sack and pulls out.... 3 mustard Junior burgers, 1 with everything, 1 with no onions, and 1 with no pickles*

I swapped the pickles onto the burger with onions and gave my mom the non-pickly/oniony burger.

We could barely understand a word she said. =/

(Her hair was cute though...*thinks about trying out that style*)
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