Kelly (kellyl) wrote in bad_service,

Bad service at a family resturaunt.

My Mum and I went to a private resturaunt called The Wigwam around 3PM to have lunch since we drove 3 hours and hadn't eaten anything except for mints and canned soda. There's at least 30 tables and five of them have people at them. Not very busy.

The Hostess is there and she seats a dirty table. "I'll be back in a minute with a cloth." Well...okay. No one had the time to wipe it down? *Rolls eyes* No big deal. Anyhow, we wait 15 minutes for her to come back and she never does and a waitress comes to take our drink orders...and doesn't have a cloth with her.

"Can we have our table wiped down first?" Asks my Mum.

"Oh, certainly." Doesn't come back for at least 10 minutes...again, no cloth. "Now do you know what you'd like?"

"Well...we haven't recieved menus," I tell her.

"And can we get our table wiped off, please?"

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'll be right back." Now Mum and I would normally just have got up and left to go at another place but neither of our digestive systems can take fastfood and this was the only resturaunt in the town. And the next town was an hour away. So we wait for another while and she finally comes back with the menus...again, no cloth to wipe off our table. I got really impatient.

"It takes a long time for us to even get any service and when we do, it's poor and forgotten," says my Mum. "Is there a problem in the kitchen?"

"Oh no, we're one short on staff today. We only have five people working today." ...*Blinks* Okay...I think if there was a cook, a dishwasher and three waitresses, they should still be able to get their jobs done when there is only 5 tables seated.

We make her stay with us until we decide what we want so she doesn't dart away for nineteen million years again. She comes back with our food in 20 minutes and then when we ask her to wipe off our table again, she sighed loudly and said "Well, you never asked me to do it before." EXCUSE ME? First of all, I would be ashamed if a customer asked me to wipe off the table if I had forgotten to and would have done it right away. She never returned to check up on us and we waited 30 minutes after finishing our bill. So we just left.

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