a rhinestone in the rough (pixiebitch) wrote in bad_service,
a rhinestone in the rough

Just a short one... sorta irritating.

I was reading over at customers_suck.. and this girl posted about someone being a shit while buying an iPod from Best Buy. It reminded me of my fun 2 weeks ago doing the same thing.

I am not a fan of upselling. Regardless of what you want to sell me... unless it benefits me greatly I will most likely say no. When Best Buy asked me what free magazine I wanted a few months ago.. the cashier looked quite startled when I promptly told her "neither" without a second thought about it.

So when I went to buy my iPod... I was immediately helped by someone because hey.. look... I want to give your company $300. I told him exactly what I wanted. A 20gig regular iPod. He then went into his spiel, as happy as can be, about their service plan.. mainly about the battery life of the iPod and how much I'd have to pay if it crapped out after the warranty and blah blah... blah...

I waited til he finished and informed him that no.. I don't need it. (I shouldn't have been spending the money on the iPod in the first place) He looked like he developed cancer of the puppy... and asked me if there was anything else. I asked him if they had skins in any other color (I only saw white) and all the sudden he perked up again.. wanting to show me all the covers.

Nope.. nothing remotely what I asked for.. so I informed him I would be okay. Once again the life was sucked out of him.. as he took the iPod to the register and didn't say anything else. I thanked him and he barely acknowledged me.

Seriously.. I know you are doing your job... but it would be really nice if you kept the same cheerful attitude up when I told you I am not spending more money on stuff I don't want.
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