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Marlborough WalMart (Calgary, Alberta) SUCKS

(sent in a feedback form on the site:)


I'm just emailing to express my displeasure with the state of affairs at Marlborough WalMart's photo lab. I don't believe this is the fault of the employees there - it's the fault of those in charge of hiring procedures and the District Manager of the area.

Recently all of your stores' photo labs have undergone renovations. One would typically assume that this process would INCREASE productivity, but this isn't the case in the Marlborough store.

It's absolutely appalling to go into a lab that advertises 1 hour photo service, request next-day service and not even be able to get *that*! Whether the problem is understaffing (which shouldn't be an issue in summertime - the pool of potential hires is HUGE here) or something else, it needs to be seriously looked at. And the charge for photo development should match the level of service the store provides. If a 1-hr development is worth $4.97 then if I'm waiting almost 48 hours for my prints I should pay about 50 cents for them, particularly since I have to come across town to get them on a day where I wouldn't otherwise head up in that direction.

I'm also at an utter loss to figure out what on earth your District Manager was thinking when he chose to remove signs from the storefronts stating the current delay on development! What possible good could come of that? Instead, customers like me, who don't have the time to waste, end up throwing away 10 minutes plus, in line, waiting, only to find out that there is, once again, a ridiculous amount of backlog of photo development. Had there been a sign on the door or at the desk, I could immediately judge whether it was worth waiting for and move on if it wasn't.

As it stands, I'll be taking my business elsewhere. There are other locations I've had more success with but I have no desire to support a company that doesn't properly staff its departments and consequently inconveniences its customers. Morale is obviously not at its peak at that store either, since the last time I brought film in and asked about the reason for the delay, I got a snarky response about how "we've got a lot of film in.".

I sincerely hope you reevaluate the idea of having a sign out, at the very LEAST. I'm sure I'm not the only one who would appreciate the gesture. Then it might be prudent to solve the problems causing the delays in processing at Marlborough. I realize that I'm just one of millions and probably don't make a huge dent in WalMart's earnings, but I intend to voice this complaint publicly whereever I can. I will also share whatever followup is commenced to resolve this problem, so I hope that WalMart is willing to work on a happy ending to my tale.

Thank you for listening.


This one IS sent... we'll see what happens.

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