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You expect me to do WHAT??

This isn't bad service so much as it is WTF service, since it was resolved quickly. But with so many stories recently about bad college service, I figured I'd share mine. I will, however, cut it.

I started back to school this month in an online degree completion program. It's fully accredited through a state-run university, so I qualified for financial aid normally (unsubsidized loans, that is). Unfortunately, the financial aid office never told me when the loan money would be applied and a refund issued. I was looking around online to find the information last weekend when I discovered the money had been applied, and I was due a refund. Excellent! Great news.

Until I read the part about payment options. If I was already signed up for direct deposit -- which I was not, since no one had told me I needed to do so or even that it was an option -- then I'd get the money that way. Otherwise, I'd need to stop by the business office in person, with photo ID, to pick up a paper check.

Did I mention that the college is the University of Illinois at Springfield? And that I live in southern New Jersey?

Yeah, so. Luckily, they were cool about it. I called, and they verified my information and then mailed out the check. But seriously, don't you think they could mention that option on the web site somewhere, especially considering they have so many more distance students now because of their online programs??

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