Heather (pernwebgoddess) wrote in bad_service,

I hate my Pizza hut

In my defense, this IS the worst Pizza Hut I've ever been to, with the worst service EVER. As in, We went in, ordered a medium Pan Pepperoni Lovers at the sit down, and were presented with a large cheese.

These people are notoriously bad-attitude, rude, and ignore customers on a regular basis. It's exactly a one minute drive from my house, but I'll drive 20 minutes to the next one to avoid it.

The worst thing about it is recently, to avoid having to you know, actually deal with customers, they've added that idiotic voice-recognition ordering system, which is the single most aggravating thing I've EVER had to deal with. I'm pretty tech savvy, and I couldn't figure it out. I can't imagine how the poor stupid old people who can't handle push-button phone systems handled it.

I tried three times (unusuccessfully) to place my order using this moronic system. The third time, I finally managed to get through to a cashier to order. I placed the order, and then was told the delivery minimum was $15. (my order was $10, thanks to a coupon)

I was irate. I yelled at the poor girl to cancel my order, and hung up. We then drove to the other one. I REALLY shouldn't have yelled at the poor girl, but she was rude, and I was VERY frustrated at this point. She must have been absoutely heartbroken to lose my order... ;)

The entire point of this is to ask you Pizza Hut employees a question: Have you ever had your store use this system before? How did it affect your jobs, complaints, order times, that sort of thing?

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