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bad_service sorta; by a company I was about to work for.

To Whom It May Concern:

I'm writing this letter to express my distinct discontent with the way your company handles its hiring procedures, and, more specifically, the hiring freeze issued August 23rd, 2005.

I had left my job anticipating the start of my new employment August 29th. I received a call on the 23rd stating my job offer had been withdrawn due to the hiring freeze, offering no advance warning or compensation for my inconvenience and the stress caused by your company. You also caused a negative ripple effect with the employee who referred me and the interviewer who hired me, having wasted their time and efforts and causing them grief and guilt.

A hiring freeze is not a decision made on the spur of the moment and it baffles me that you made no effort to discontinue interviewing or warn your employees that this change was coming (so that they could hold off on referring others to your company). The way this hiring freeze was carried out was callous and underhanded. I'm only glad I was able to find other employ in short order in order to continue to adhere to financial commitments.

I hold OAOT personally and solely reponsible for the loss of my second job, the reduction in pay for my primary job and the need to withdraw from a volunteer commitment due to the scheduling of the job I had to take. Were it possible to be financially compensated for my losses in these areas, I would certainly be seeking it.

Between being "forgotten" by your receptionist for an entire hour when I was sitting 5 feet away from her in plain view on the day of my interview, and being left high and dry by your company's breach of written agreement, your company has established its reputation in my mind and I will NOT be recommending OAOT to anyone seeking employment or the services it offers. It's a shame, because I had been looking forward to learning and growing with the OAOT team.

I sincerely hope the management of your company takes time to evaluate the results of their actions in order to avoid handling this situation as badly in the future.


{name here}
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