Snarky's Delight (deadcherries) wrote in bad_service,
Snarky's Delight

It's something minor ( I guess ), but I'd like opinions because this is my first time.
What's up with it when a cellular company gives you contract dates, you meet them, call to cancel, and you're told that there's no proration mid-billing cycle and you're obligated to pay for the full current period?
You're telling me that after -DATE- that I'm free, but I still have to pay you people? I don't get it. So basically, if someone were to have a contract that ends on the 5th, 2 days after then they will still be paying for the next month in full; I luckily have a full seven days and that's it.
I can't wait to get away from the Orange empire. After they conquered the land of the Blue, their service hasn't been able to keep up a standard.
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