Living To Dream (livingtodream) wrote in bad_service,
Living To Dream

Bad Service with a twist

Bad Service with a twist

This is bad service with a twist! Happy endings all around.

Ok I work for a major pet store, it has ‘pet’ in the name but not ‘co’, use your imagination.

Lets set up people
M & D – Two people from my store, work in the pet care area (fish birds ect)
L – Our Store Manager
T – Other Store Manager on Duty
J – Other Store, Store Manager

Ok so M and D where going south, and on the way to another city when they spotted another store of our chain. So they went in to get fish, and waited, and waited… Had someone paged, waited more. Over 20 mins they waited and in that time 8 more people lined up in the fish area. People had been paged many times. Someone should be there already. Wanting to get going but also thinking about L, they went ‘you know L would blow a gasket if this –ever- happened’ so what to do?

Off the clock, in the middle of another store not even in uniform they grabbed nets, bags and started bagging fish for people, they also helped people who had questions and got them set up with help. At some point, near the end I think T showed up and they explained to him what was up and went paid and left.

Then called us, and told us the story and then L, they where proud of helping and doing it. (We are whipped what can I say? We live to serve). L called J right away to tell him the story and laugh at him (the managers around here LOVE a reason to hassle anther store, in good fun) After about 15 mins of laughing and going on and on, L dwelling on the comment ‘L would never allow this, he’d blow a gasket’

L came out later and told me and others that had overheard, that J at the end told L to also credit the girls 30 mins on their paychecks and bill his store

Happyness all around in the end (the people that work in pet care are said store never did show up either, only T)

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