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McDonald's story.....

Yesterday was one of those days where nobody in my house felt like cooking dinner, so I decided to run down to the McDonald's that is less than five minutes away to get some food. I go to this McDonald's quite a bit and have never had any problems before.

Until yesterday.

I pulled up in the drive-thru, and this is what happened.....

Drive-thru employee: Welcome to McDonald's, may I take your order?
Me (slowly and clearly): Yes, I need a number 10 combo meal, large-sized and for a drink I need a root beer with no ice. (pauses) Then I need a Big and Tasty sandwich...
DTE: What sandwich?
Me (even more slowly, and louder): A Big and Tasty sandwich. And then two fish sandwiches, one of them light on tartar sauce...
DTE: What was it you wanted on the fish sandwich?
Me: I just want it with light tartar sauce, please.
DTE: Oh, okay.
Me: And then two medium fries. That'll be it.
DTE: So that's a #10 meal, large-sized, with a root beer with no ice, two fish sandwiches, one with no tartar sauce, and two medium fries.
Me (getting exasperated): No, I want tartar sauce on the sandwich, just light. And you forgot the Big and Tasty sandwich.
DTE: Oh, sorry. (gives me total, tells me to pull around to the window)

So I get up to the window to pay the girl, and she laughs and makes an excuse that it's hard to hear on the headsets. Which I can understand - which was why I was careful to speak clearly and loudly when I gave my order. And it still didn't help.

I pulled up to the second window to get my food, and the girl down there opened the window and asked me what kind of sauce I wanted with my nuggets. I gave her a blank look and said "I didn't order any Chicken McNuggets." She looked down at the receipt in her hand and said that the girl who took my order rang me up for nuggets. I took the receipt from her - here instead of putting down the #10 combo meal, which is a fish sandwich, she rang me up for a 10 piece Chicken McNugget meal. I told this to the second girl - she disappeared and moments later handed me my bag saying, "We put the fish sandwich meal on top. Nobody felt like digging the nuggets out from the bottom of the bag, so you're getting those for free."

So I really didn't bitch, because I got free nuggets out of the deal, but WTF???
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