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I live in south Florida and so yesterday I was called to do some last minute shopping to finish preparing for Hurricane Katrina. It was about 3:30 pm and the only place that was open was an Albertson's( a grocery store chain). As usual, I wasn't the only one with the bright idea to go shopping the day before the storm hit and so it was pretty crazy.

The main thing we were missing was water and since it's just my mom and me, she wanted me to get about 4 gallons of water. I'm only 5'2 so I was going to need a shopping cart to carry it along with the rest of the stuff I wanted to buy. Due to the amount of people there was apparently a cart shortage, as I couldn't find one anywhere. I paced around the front of the store and couldn't find any, until I spotted a cashier which was holding one on the other side of her register. I'd heard some of the other employees saying they were trying to find more carts for people.

I walked up to the cashier and placed my hand on the cart (please note, I didn't move it, I just wanted her to know what I was referring to) and asked "Is anyone using this?"
She snapped back at me "You can't take this! It's those people's! You can't just take other people's carts!" I gave her a wtf look and said "I'm not trying to take the cart, I was just asking you."
She replied "Well it isn't mine, you have to ask them if they want you to use it." I tried to explain to her that since SHE was the one holding the cart behind her, I thought it was her cart. This obviously went over her head because she kept saying "It's theirs" and "You have to ask the people!" as though I was supposed to magically know exactly who the hell she was talking about. At that point I just walked away and grabbed a basket because I feared the store would close while I tried to find a shopping cart.

In the end I only ended up getting two gallons of water because that was all I could manage to carry. Thankfully we weren't hit hard so we didn't need any of the water and didn't even lose power but I didn't appreciate the way the cashier treated me. Being a native to Florida I've been through my fair share of hurricanes, I know it doesn't help to get panicky or crazy and I'm sure the cashier was having a hectic day but I was composed and was only asking her a question, her reaction was totally uncalled for.

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