Sheltie (sheltiesong) wrote in bad_service,

I'm having trouble deciding if this is bad service of customer suckiness.

I live in northern Massachusetts and take a commuter train to get into Boston every day for work. My usual train leaves at 5:37.

Now, due to some last minute things I had to do at the office, I arrived at the train platform at 5:37 and missed the train.

Points to keep in mind:

- I was one of about a half dozen people who got the doors literally shut in our faces.
- Someone almost got a hand caught in the door trying to get on, which is a potentially quite hazardous situation.
- A train may be up to five minutes late to a destination yet still be considered on time. Letting all half dozen of us on the train would have taken all of 10 seconds.
- This particular route is a split line. Half the trains, partway through the journey, go to Newburyport, half the trains go to Rockport. As a result, we're paying some of the most expensive fares ($10:50 round trip for my stop in Ipswich, $12 for Newburyport) yet only getting 50% of the service. Most lines leave Boston every half hour or so at peak times. By missing this train, I had no option but the next train well over an hour later. I leave my house at 6:45 AM to catch a train that gets me to work over 45 minutes early because the next train gets me there too late. Last night, I didn't get home till after 8:00.

So, is this just me being a grumpy, sucky customer? Or, in light of my justifications above, was this indeed bad service?
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