laura (shinyobject) wrote in bad_service,

Three of my friends and I went to Tim's Cajun something or other a few weeks ago, and it marks the first time in my life that i didn't leave a tip.

First of all, when we got there, we stood for 5 minutes at the front watching employee after employee walk by, trying to abide by the "wait to be seated" sign. Then the bartender noticed us and said we'd better just grab a table, which we do.

We sit there for 10 minutes trying to attract someone's attention before we got our drink orders taken. Everything that night seemed to take 10 times longer than it should--and I know how long it takes to pour drinks, and it's not long enough for us to have filled the damn ashtray already.

Throughout the meal, we sat there with empty drinks for most of the time, and the only person who refilled us was the manager.

And finally, after we sit there at a table full of empty plates for 15 minutes, she asks us if we'd like the bill. We say yes, and when we get it, it's in unreadable handwriting, so trusting her, we say would like everything but mine on one check (i only had a card, which i gave her, reminding her I had the fried shrimp). One friend gave her his card to pay the rest, and another ten minutes later, we see her go up to the bartender and say "can you do this? Mike says he's too busy." We watch her hand one check & card, get it back, and then do the other.

They were backwards. Then when looking at my bill (that my friend actually got charged for), i see that my $6 meal and $1.75 drink somehow added up to $14.95. So i ask her, and she says, "Oh, I thought you wanted the fried shrimp dinner, you didn't say you wanted the smaller appetizer."

So how the hell did I end up eating 10 little shrimp and a cup of coleslaw? The dinner was a completely different, much larger thing, and it was only by showing her my small, empty plate STILL on the table that I convinced her and the manager I'd not eaten $11 worth of food. Finally, we refund, repay, and leave after spending an hour and a half in a place where we spent 20 minutes eating.

My friend left something on his check, so she got something for her time, but damned if i'm going to tip for such an unenjoyable experience (food was awesome though.) And I'm a server! we're like the tipping union.

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