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Ok this is a sort of bad service issue and I need some help with it. My mom joined DoubleDay book club and shes been getting books from them for a while now. Well a few months ago when the new bill for them came, it was in MY NAME!!!! I have no idea how they got my name. The books/bills always came in my moms name before and she never changed the name on the account. My mom tried to contact them about it but they never did anything. She has tried calling and writing them a letter. The calling did no good since its only an automated system and they never responded to the letter. My mom is bad at paying her bills ontime sometimes and I don't want this to come back on me since somehow its now in my name.

I tried calling today and I went through the same automated crap. So I tried to do a search for another contact number and I can't find anything. Can anyone maybe help me and see if they can come up with a number for DoubleDay? I just want to talk to a real person so they can get this straightened out. What else can I do to try and get this out of my name? I'm kind of at a loss here as what to do about it.

*update* I tried going to the BBB site and they don't really have any info on them. I did find a whole bunch of numbers for them on there and so I tried calling them all and they all are either disconnected or they take me to that damn automated system that has no option to speak to a real person. Anyone else have any other ideas?

*update number 2* Thank you so much to everyone out there whos been helping me. I finally was able to find a number to their administrative office and wow that lady was a huge bitch but she transfered me to their customer service and I spoke to a real person. The guy said that he would change the account back to my moms name and that he has no clue how they got my name. So hopefully this is all taken care of and I'll know for sure the next time some books come for my mom. Thanks again everyone :)
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