" material girl " (extrovert_soul) wrote in bad_service,
" material girl "

This happened about a couple months back. I don't usually get bad service but this one was ridiculous.
Setting: my local Pizza Hut
The actors: me, my boyfriends, PH waitress

W: Hello, welcome to Pizza Hut! What would you like to order today?
ME: (says order)
BF: (says order)
W: Okay, coming right up!

20 minutes later...

BF: Excuse me miss! Do you mind telling us how long it will be?
W: Oh sorry about that. Give it about 10 minutes

At this point I'm "whatever" because it's a Friday night and there's no way in hell I'd leave this place to go somewhere else that has an hour and a half wait.

15 minutes later...

ME: Wtf?
BF: (grumling tummy) Excuse me miss?
W: Hi. Yes?
BF: Is there any word on the food yet?
W: Oh, hold on, I'll be back

I understand that Friday nights get busy but we see she served a table their food about 20 minutes ago and they came in AFTER us.

10 minutes later...

W: I'm sorry but it's going to be a bit longer.
BF: Is the food even ready? I saw a bunch of orders come out the kitchen.
W: Yes it was ready but...
(she hesitates about 20 seconds at this point)
W: I think one of the other waitors took it.
ME: Okay? So why didn't you bother telling us.
W: Sorry. I'll give you free cheese bread if you would like
BF: No don't bother. Just give us the food we've waited AN HOUR for.
W: Yes. I'm sorry, so sorry.

15 minutes later...

The food arrives. It was cold.

*pulls hair out*

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