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blah blah first post here ;)

Okkkkay, so...
This is the first time I've had bad enough service since starting my livejournal (2002) to warrant a post on here.

My SO and I were doing a bit of shopping this Sunday at the hugegiganticWalMart down the road. The place is across the street from my work and about four miles from my house. I usually split my grocery shopping trips between WalMart and another grocery store (Kroger, for produce and meat, usually, as our WalMart's selection is not that great) but I am thinking about just going to Kroger from now on.

USUALLY, we have had awesome service. Even when they refused to let us put the "Found Cat" sign up on the bulletin board that had a whole crapload of other folks' ads on there, that was fine. They considered it advertisement and offered to instead put a couple copies in the breakroom.

The SO and I dawdle around for a bit til we have what is on the list and go to the "Express Lane". We had a whopping 17 items and the max is 20. He sees a line with a woman handing her payment to the cashier and hops behind her.

We stand and wait. And wait. I could care less about waiting, I've nothing in the car that will melt in the thousand degree Texas heat nor do I have anything pressing to do. The lady in front of us had a payment issue, I wasn't really paying attention but a "CSA" was called over to do something with a key. I'm guessing a cashier-level manager overriding something but what that was, not sure. Again, not really caring. I've worked in retail from til very recently, so I understand that this happens. The customer in front of us leaves after apologizing profusely to the cashier, who doesn't even look at her. Okay, hmmm...

As we push our cart forward, my SO greets the cashier - "Hi, how're you doing today?" - and she *mutters "Yeah, whatever", then* says "C'MON, C'MON" and makes "speed it up" motions with her hand. She was not trying to be funny, she was quite serious. I just stare. We had set our coupons on the counter right before the other customer had left and had just started setting our purchases on the counter to scan. He looks back at me while she's scanning and stares at me and I nod-we both had a slight look of "wtf" on our faces.

I can understand if she's having a bad day, if the customer in front of us pissed her off, if she's taking it out on us but I did not understand why she was acting the way she was. Throughout the transaction she glared at me and the only words she spoke besides her "opening greeting" was the total. We thanked her and said have a good day - she sneered.

Why are these people allowed to work in customer service positions or interact with humans at all? Trust me, I understand having bad days. My mom routinely gets bodily fluids on her at work (she's a Physical Therapist Assistant) and has had a patient's dog bite her. I work (now) at the same company on the administrative side and I see things that happen to our people (threatened with guns by senile patients, carjacked...) that would really suck. Yet the majority of them stay positive and are not rude to the office staff and would not dream of being rude to other patients just because someone else pissed them off.

I really hate to say "when I was...", however, I will.
When I worked as a cashier, I had customers that sucked. Hell, when I worked as a phone monkey, I had customers that suck. Maybe its just me but I tried not to give someone a hard time just because someone else pissed me off and I definitely wouldn't act in the way I was treated.

Both the SO and I considered having her call back her "CSM" but instead, I'm thinking about writing a letter /calling the store manager. I would say I have proper reason to complain, but that's my opinion. Thoughts?

edit: Added the text between the asterisks per what my SO said she said to him. I did not hear it personally but I don't doubt that she said it.
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