I'm half-doomed and you're semi-sweet (likelystory) wrote in bad_service,
I'm half-doomed and you're semi-sweet

Pulling out a slightly older bad service tale. This one is from a little less than a year ago, shortly after my first year of college began.

West Coast Pizza in Berkeley, CA, is the savior of all UC Berkeley students. They have delicious pizza, reasonable prices, and deliver until 2am on weekends. One Saturday night, my roommate and her best friend stumbled in from a party, starving. We checked the clock: ten minutes to 2am. We weren't sure if it was too late to call for pizza, but we figured it wouldn't hurt to try.

An employee answered the phone and took our order, telling us that it should be there in about 15 minutes. Score!

Or, it would have been, if the pizza had ever arrived. We spent the next half-hour waiting hopefully, before giving up and checking to see if any of our dorm-mates had any food they'd share with us.

We understood that we were calling very close to closing, and we weren't necessarily expecting to be able to order. However, I really don't think they should have taken our order and told us it would be coming if they weren't actually going to make and send it.

I should note that we never had any other problems with West Coast Pizza; however, we also never called that late again.

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