Jamie (jamilarad) wrote in bad_service,

Hi! :) New here. Anyway, here are my rants.

I ordered a sandwhich without tomatoes at Panera. Now, what would you do?
A. Put tomatoes on anyway because I secretly want tomatoes but I don't know it
B. Put tomatoes on the sandwhich but then take them off
C. Not put tomatoes on the sandwhich

If you chose A or B, you are the sandwhich maker at my Panera. I would be okay, not happy, but okay with it if it happened once. It's happened THREE times. I've said things before but nothing's happened. Next time it happens, I'm causing a scene. But in all seriousness, they're lucky I just don't like tomatoes. What if I was allergic? What if my grandfather died in a freak tomato accident and I bursted into tears everytime I saw one?

Oh yeah, and If I ask for no croutons on my salad, I MEAN NO CROUTONS! *rage*
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