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The pies of woe

First post, been reading for a while. It seemed like a good idea at the time. McCthuluhu's is right next door (over fifty billion devoured) and it's cheap, so got a Big Mac meal, and just because they were cheap, 2 apple pies for one buck. figured save one for later in the day, no problem right? Well, the best laid plans of mice and men, etc...Burger was good, fries, totaly unsalted, but were still good. The pies, though, oh the unatural horror of the pies! They looked like the normal baked apple pies of McDonalds fare, but thats where the similarity ends. The best way to describe them was apple flavored vulcanized rubber, wrapped in a flaky yet dimond hard crunchy shell of charcoal briquette. So went around the drive through again...

me "Excuse me, these pies are burnt

McDrone "No sir, they can't be, theyre cooked on a timer.

me "well, are they supposed to be the color of new Goodyears?

He looked at them a moment, then shrugged, went away from the window, and came back with two fresh pies. Two pies that smelled wonderful, and looked perfect! Unfortunately, after getting them home and eating the rest of my lunch...finding out that looks can be decieving, for they also tasted like apple flavored vulcanized rubber wrapped in a flaky charcoal briquette. Feh.
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