down to the heart of it (onedizzylizzy) wrote in bad_service,
down to the heart of it

Just to continue the below trend:

Dear cashier:
As much as I love arriving at your "express" line at 9.00 PM with ten items and unloading them while you sit on top of grocery catch-all near the bagging station, reading a magazine, having glanced up to see me placing my items on the belt when I arrived ... you know, I'm thinking that maybe, just maybe, this would be an admirable time to start doing your job and you know, ringing up my items. Your light is on. Your register is open. I understand that Britney & K-Fed's choice of baby names is completely engrossing to you ... but no. You firstly shouldn't be reading on the job. Barring that, you probably shouldn't be sitting on the grocery catch-all. And for me to be willing to forgo getting frustrated with you for doing that, you'd have to have ceased to do that when you saw me get there, not finished the article before you started ringing me up - especially after I was initally polite and said "hi, how are you? You're open, right?" (To which you grunted yes and went back to finishing your article). You suck at cashiering.

No love,

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