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Me and the "Happy Hour Nazi"

Setting: restaurant-lounge in L.A. (O Bar to be specific)

What happened:

my 2 friends and I (all 20-somethings) grabbed a table at the restaurant, and we realized that drinks were half-off ordered from the bar. We asked our waiter about it and he goes "yea, bar only (implying that it'll be full-price if ordered through him)" and also noted that he's cool if we just go up there to get drinks.

We just manage to get the bartender's attention when this manager bitch lady comes up and goes "Umm... you have a table, right? You can't order from the bar... if you want drinks you have to talk to your server." We explained our conversation with him and she just goes "well we have a shortage of table and bar space... you have to pick one or the other." (About half the bar was empty and there were at least 8 FREE tables of varying sizes.) Having ordered our food already, we went back to the table. For the remainder of the evening, she's threw us rude glances (as if to make sure and remind us to NOT to get drinks from the bar, 'cause god knows, we wouldn't want to deny you the extra markup.)

Later that evening, a group of 30-year-old men did the same thing we did (getting a table but picking up cheaper drinks at the bar)--and not only did she NOT fry them for it, she struck up a friendly conversation with them!

We wound up not getting drinks there and leaving a rather low tip (not too low, since our beef was with the manager, not the server)

WTF? Has other restaurant-lounges have this kind of "happy hour prices--but only if you don't have a table" crap too?

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