creepybrat (creepybrat) wrote in bad_service,

Pizza delivery.

Just a couple old stoies I want to share...kind of funny.

One night I'm visiting a friend at her apartment and we get the munchies watching movies...we decide to get pizza.

We phone Pizza Hut and order an extra large pizza with a variety of meat....They give ETA and all is fine. The delivery shows up, I pay and he leaves. Once we settle in I open the box and its a vegetarian pizza. ...a huge disappointment considering I HAVE to have meat! ;)

I close box pizza hut and tell them I got the wrong pizza. They apologize and say another one is on the way...ETA and all is fine again.

Delivery guy shows up again... and I go to hand him the vegetarian pizza...he said to keep it...and gives me my order. I take pizza and he says "You might want to check out the pizza...I accidently dropped it." I opened the box and thought WTF? Dropped it? Or kicked it around the block a few times? It was a massive blob of goop in one corner of the box! I said "I can't eat this." He said "I figured as much so please call it in." He left... I called it in and they sent another one...the RIGHT one! So we had 2..almost 3 pizzas for the price of one. We laughed about it even though we were STARVING!

Another pizza in the order and wait for delivery.

Long time passes and I get a phone call "This is your pizza delivery, why won't you answer the door?" I'm thinking WTF? I was sitting on the sofa and have a clear view to the street. I would have seen the delivery. So I say " Hold on I'll check the door." Thinking I had a brain fart and went into a coma. I then open the door...and nothing!

He tells me to answer the door I tell him I AM! And your not here! LOL He is adamant that he's at my door! So I figured..ok enough fun! I ask what house number he is at..he replied 714. I told him I'm 741. He hung up and I felt stupid thinking I actually gave the wrong number. When I got the pizza and paid him I looked at the reciept and I did give the right number.

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