Neva Toad (mice) wrote in bad_service,
Neva Toad

In search of doughnuts

So, last night, mad craving for a fresh Krispy Kreme doughnut. Asked my roommate what she wanted and I was off.

Three original glazed. One cream filled. One devil's food. Five doughnuts.

I got to the drive-thru where I had probably the most surreal conversation with a drive-thru box. Granted, I am not known for my articulation, but I have been taking classes on speech lately and I'm usually very clear with drive-thru's because I know.

KK: *Krispy Kreme spiel*
Me: May I please get three original glazed, one cream filled and one devil's food?
KK: (long pause) I'm sorry, could you repeat that?
Me: Sure! Three original glazed, one devil's food, one cream filled.
KK: Okay, that's three original glazed, one devil's food and one sprinkles.
Me: No, no sprinkles, cream filled.
KK: Two sprinkles?
Me: No, one cream filled.
KK: Is this a dozen or half dozen?
Me: ...I'm getting five doughnuts...
KK: So, three original glazed, one devil's food, and two sprinkles?
Me: No--
KK: Could you pull up to the window, please?

I pull up.

KK: So, three original glazed...
Me: One devil's food and one cream filled.
KK: So that's six doughnuts?
Me: No, it's five.
KK: I think that's six...
(Holds up hand and says the name of her doughnuts again)
KK: So, three original, one devil's food, one sprinkles.
Me: Not sprinkles, cream filled.
KK: Oh! Okay!
(goes, gets order, comes back)
KK: I gave you an extra doughnut.
Me: Thanks! (pays, leaves)

I return home and recount to my roommate what happened.

Me: And we got a free doughnut!

(opens box. It's a sprinkled doughnut.)
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