Nick Piers (thatnickguy) wrote in bad_service,
Nick Piers

Ye Olde Pizza Tale

This story happened YEARS ago, when I was about 12 or 13 (I'm 27, now). My sister, her fiancee and myself went to a local pizza place just for the heck of it. We were seated into the restaurante and ordered a pizza and garlic fingers. Simple, no? Well, that part was.

Apparently, asking for dipping sauce is another matter altogether. We ask for dipping sauce at the beginning of the order. Garlic fingers sauce.

Brother-in-Law: Can we get our dipping sauce, too?
Waitress: Okay. *walks off*

We watch her go back and forth into the kitchen several times. Finally, my bro-in-law asks again.

B-I-L: (still polite, but getting impatient) Hey, can we get that dipping sauce, please?
W: Sure, okay. *walks off again*

By this point, we had finished the garlic fingers and were awaiting our pizza. The waitress comes back with said pizza. Still no dipping sauce for our now finished garlic fingers.

B-I-L: Hey, what ever happened to our dipping sauce?
W: Huh? Oh, just one minute. *walks off again*

We start chowing down on the pizza, she comes by to ask us how everything is.

B-I-L: Well, we never did get that dipping sauce.
W: Oh, we don't carry any kind of dipping sauce. *and walks off*

Finally, we go to pay our bill and my bro-in-law is naturally, pissed. She walked away FOUR times with what sounded like the intention of getting our dipping sauce. And then says they don't even have any. I don't remember the details of the aftermath, but I remember my bro-in-law slamming his fist down on the counter and demanding a manager (who wasn't there). I believe we ended up getting a discount on our order. The whole fist slamming might've been a little sucky, though. Especially since it started the girl and made her jump a little.
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